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My Role: Event Development Manager

What I love about my job: Getting to meet so many different people, helping to put their ideas into reality and seeing the end result! Also the team at SGI are such a great bunch of people, there’s not a day in the office where we aren’t enjoying what we do and laughing together.

What I do when I’m not at Work: Any chance I get I will be on the Karaoke with a glass of prosecco in hand then off dancing with my friends…what else could a girl need? I may also be found in the gym burning off those prosecco calories and takeaways.

Favourite She’s Gott It! Moment: So far it would have to be dancing to the 80’s Tribute Band with Nickie at one of our events (once all the hard work was done of course). I’m sure there will be many more great memories to come.

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