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My Role: Event Manager, In-House Designer and ‘Pom Pom’ shaker

What I love about my job: No day is ever the same, it’s beyond unpredictable, one day we could be working with the Prime Minister and the next I could be dressed as Jack Frost, The Grinch or Banta Claws.

What I do when I’m not at work!: I am just about to film ‘Sparrowhawk’ (an Independent Film by Broken Scar Productions) where I play the main suspect. In addition to my acting, I have become a member of Bannatyne’s Gym in Chester le Street (I adore all the high impact classes where I feel like I’m going to die – as they say no pain no gain), I’m a real Botox/line filler head (old is not an option), I’m a real sucker for travelling the world and adore chilling/sleeping (especially after a good bottle or two of wine), my family and animals are my world!

Favourite She’s Gott It! moment: What I have to pick just one? Every event produces amazing memories and really funny moments, it’s like living in a TV show every day, She’s Gott It isn’t just a job…it’s a whirlwind!

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