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My Role: Event Manager, In-House Designer and ‘Pom Pom’ shaker

What I love about my job: No day is ever the same, it’s beyond unpredictable, one day we could be working with the Prime Minister and the next I could be dressed as Jack Frost, The Grinch or Banta Claws at our event Enchanted Christmas.

What I do when I’m not at work!: In April 2017 I took part in filming the independent film ‘Sparrowhawk’ (Produced and Directed by Mike Tweddle, Broken Scar Productions – where I played the main suspect Carl Pascal. The film was shown at the Newcastle Film Festival 2018 as a ‘one to watch’ film (as it wasn’t fully through post production) and now that it is COMPLETE it has been submitted to the Adelaide Film Festival (my Australian home town), fingers crossed it is selected!!!

In addition to my acting, I have become a member of Bannatyne’s Gym in Chester le Street (I adore all the high impact classes where I feel like I’m going to die – as they say no pain no gain), I’m a real Botox/line filler head (old is not an option), I’m a real sucker for travelling the world and adore chilling/sleeping (especially after a good bottle or ten of wine), my family (wife and son Stone) and animals (have 4x dogs, 1x Bearded Dragon and 1x Parakeet) are my world!

Favourite She’s Gott It! moment: What I have to pick just one? Every event produces amazing memories and really funny moments, it’s like living in a TV show every day (in fact a TV show was nearly commissioned) She’s Gott It isn’t just a job…it’s a whirlwind!

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