Over 200 million viewers worldwide tuned in to Britain’s Got Talent to witness “the birth of a star.” From dove manipulation, in which he made birds literally appear out of thin air, to death-defying stunts, Darcy Oake has got more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

The 26-year-old illusionist from Winnipeg, Canada is not your typical magician. Adding his own style and flare to what has been perceived as an outdated art form, Darcy’s live show is a modern interpretation for the 21st century.

During his live performances, you are promised three things: to see things you’ve never seen before, to see things you will never see again, and things you have to see to believe. Performing the most difficult type of magic – sleight of hand – Darcy shows a true demonstration of the craft. With an ability to make people materialize and disappear, predict people’s thoughts, and make borrowed objects vanish only to reappear in impossible locations, Darcy’s performances leave audiences awestruck.

Getting his start in magic at a very young age, Darcy was inspired to learn the tricks of the trade after seeing his father (award-winning Canadian sportscaster Scott Oake) accidentally pull off a card trick when he was a kid.

At the age of 16, Darcy became an international magic champion, beating out seasoned magicians at various events, winning the coveted People’s Choice Gold Medal in Seattle, Washington. And before he was old enough to legally enter a nightclub, he was headlining the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

As a sought-after illusionist, Darcy has performed across Canada and taken his act around the U.S. – from the heart of Times Square in New York City to the Las Vegas strip.

With his recent global popularity, he is ready to embark on the world.








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