Music has always been an enormous part of Luke’s life. He has fluttered between part time jobs but has always made sure that he prioritises his gigging. He has a very distinctive look with his quirky style and dreadlocked hair which has remained unwashed for 9 months. To keep his look going strong Luke showers with a shower cap on and only washes his hair in the sea! His friends now nickname him Mogli from The Jungle Book and Nicole [Scherzinger] said that he is ‘a diamond in the rough’.

Luke got a huge reaction at his arena audition, where Gary said ‘get used to it, this is your future.’ At judge’s houses, Luke sang Cannon Ball by Damian Rice which is an extremely emotional and meaningful song for him as he sang it to his grandpa before he passed away.

His ultimate dream is to headline Glastonbury and play at Madison Square Gardens.

On his unusual hair:

“Louis said that now I’m through to the live shows he would make me wash my hair but I do wash it!, I just don’t wash it with soap. I wash it with water. It doesn’t smell or anything, because otherwise that would be really horrible. If I went in the pool or the sea, for example I wouldn’t wash it afterwards because the chlorine or the salt water is really good for it. Obviously it’s not good if you want silky smooth hair but it is good for what I want.”








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