Well done on delivering a brilliant Masters Awards – it was top and I know took a lot of work. Everyone had a brilliant time.

Robert Forrester, CEO Vertu Motors PLC


Hi all

Well, a week ago today we’d just concluded our best Partner conference ever (not my words – our CEO’s!).

I can’t believe it’s been a week already – I miss the event planning, the event itself and each of you all – you all worked so hard to deliver an amazing event.

I want to extend to you all a very heart-felt and humongous THANK YOU. There are too many things to thank you all for, but here’s a start…

  • Picking up the brief with such enthusiasm and tenacity, with only 8 weeks to the event date
  • Traipsing the streets of London in the freezing cold (the week before Christmas) searching for a venue
  • Being flexible and accommodating with our processes and policies
  • Coming up with so many great ideas to make the event work on a limited budget – including the exhibition and conference set up
  • Adapting to ever-changing requests and demands, including moving things, adding things, changing the scope and asking for money off J
  • Helping us deliver the most amazing Gala that all our partners will remember for years to come!
  • Working stupidly long hours including evenings, weekends (and Christmas holidays)
  • Giving me the confidence you were ‘on it’ and giving appropriate advice and guidance when I couldn’t see the woods for the trees
  • Waiting patiently for replies to emails but also chasing me on all the ‘you have to do this now’ things
  • Making me feel like I was working with a team, not just a supplier
  • And lastly, for injecting a huge amount of enthusiasm into the event on the day – running around sorting all the behind the scenes stuff and generally being exceptionally supportive!

I know I sound ‘gushy’ but I am so incredibly proud of what we achieved together that it simply must be said. I think everybody delivered above and beyond expectation and we really pulled together to absolutely nail this one. To conclude, I’ve included some quotes from emails I’ve had in the last week – too many to include but these might make you feel good!

I was so impressed by the way you organised such an amazing and well-received Sage partner event so quickly. I hope you can take some time to reflect on your success, enjoy the glow of a job well done, and bask in the well-wishes of 350 people who were simply amazed by what you created. You have much of which to be justifiably proud.

A great event – Tight, exciting and a quality production – congratulations.

Thank you for the hospitality offered to my team at the event last week – winning the award always helps, but they were all very complimentary on this year’s organisation and agenda – please pass these comments to organisers.

Our team just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting on such a great evening last night – as I am sure you could see we had a fantastic time! The London Eye and the Boat Trip on the Thames was indeed something quite different and special. Well done for all of your hard work in organising a great evening for us.

The conference was very well organised from every aspect and the turnout was amazing!

The event yesterday went well and the evening’s entertainment was really good. One of the best I’ve attended!

We have set a standard now for events, my favourite piece of feedback was ‘this is EXACTLY what Sage should be doing’.

Anthony has said nothing but praise for the whole event, he thoroughly enjoyed himself and said it was an incredibly well run event – all credit to you and your team.

I just wanted to firm up my message of thanks to you and the team for a great event.   I know we sometimes think these events just happen, but having seen you all running around over the past few days, I feel that a bit of extra recognition is needed. So a BIG THANK YOU from Team North West.
Every single partner I spoke with said how much they enjoyed the conference and the evening’s entertainment.  They said it was the best evening’s entertainment Sage has put on for a long time and they loved the boat. It made the evening so much more glamorous.  The feel of the venue kept them close and so they felt that they networked more easily but after such a long time without an event they enjoyed catching up with each other.  The Eye was definitely something special and a real take away memory for them.

Lyndsey Hutchinson – Sage (UK) Limited


Now that the dust has settled I wanted to thank you and your superbly fantastical team.

I wanted to write sooner but I have been busy collecting so many thank you notes and great feedback that I wanted to do so with a full knowledge of how our launch was received.

We excelled our expectations – it was an event full of magical moments – and created beautiful memories.

Our main objective from the business side was to drive business – which we have done several times already from that evening.

IHG are rating it as one of the best hotel opening launches they have attended.

You managed us well – always with a smile and I loved working with you.

Our feedback from business has been phenomenal and I am delighted that we did it so well and have placed ourselves very firmly as the ‘go to’ venue for meetings, events, relaxation and leisure.

I will continue to recommend you to our contacts in the industry – I have no hesitation.

I very much hope we work together again in the future.

Best wishes

Michelle Percy – Stephenson Hotel, Clouston Group

You’ve done an incredible job keeping this show on the road, despite many challenges along the way. It just simply wouldn’t have happened without you.

It’s incredible how many people are writing to thank us!! It says so much that all of them without exception have mentioned the superb organisation. You and your team at She’s Gott It should be very very proud.

Nigel McMinn – Lookers plc Motor Division

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a big massive thank you to everyone who was involved and helped put together family day – the comments we have had since we came back have been excellent and gone down really well with staff and management.

Richard Craig – Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK

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