With a Jamaican mother and a German father, multiple tattoos and an eclectic sense of fashion, Troy doesn’t look like your average magician. He blends close-up magic and situational illusions, offering a new take on the art with a manner that is spontaneous and unforced. Troy inherited his adventurous streak from his archeologist/ psychologist/ actor father. It was him who took his son, at the age of six, to see local magician The Great Kovari, which is when Troy got his first taste of magic.

His passion for magic was reignited in the late 90’s whilst watching David Blaine. He studied his video intently figuring out how to recreate the magic. It was then that Troy joined The Young Magicians Club at the age of 13, the youth section of the Magic Circle. Troy went on to win Young Close Up Magician of the Year.

Troy’s first series launched on Channel 4 and E4 in February 2014.










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