Our philosophy is to ensure you get the results required whilst maximising the return on your investment.  So let’s determine together what your event is for so you know at the end if you have achieved it. Is it to launch a product, engage with end users or partners, communicate a message to your customers or staff or just to say a big thank you? Whatever the reason, we will meet with you to understand your goals and your objectives right at the beginning. That way we know we will start and end exactly at the right place and ensure you get the best possible outcome.

As event experts we can help you put all your ideas into a plan so they become reality! You might have your own ideas too and either way we will make them come to life. We can plan to take care of it all or if you have some of your own resources we can help with any or all aspects. With our strong commitment to partnership working, understanding your objectives and achieving your outputs we will run an inclusive delivery process that will exceed all of your expectations whilst engaging at every step.

Our philosophy is to understand exactly what you need before embarking on the pursuit of a solution and this can be done by building great foundations with a robust event brief. Your event brief is the key to a successful outcome, as it will make sure you get exactly what you want and then we can get on and deliver exactly what you need. If you want to give some thought to your brief before we meet then here’s our Blue Peter special (one we prepared earlier) for you to use as a guide. Download our helpful brief template

The creative bunch at She’s Gott It! love this stage and they even have thinking hats (each with their own style), which they promise not to bring to meetings unless you really ask! This is the start of putting the pieces together for your final outcome. If you need some suggestions or creative thinking then this team are the ones to ask. They love adding the wow factor and coming up with what sometimes seems the impossible but they always make it happen!

We will all get together for a ‘’kick off session’’ giving everyone a chance to sit round the table and put all ideas in a pot. We love working with clients on ideas and particularly like collaboration as this way ideas are created and then we can bring them to life.

When it comes to making sure our clients feel assured that we are ‘on it’ we do just that. We provide regular updates, clear reports and relevant information during planning stages, delivery onsite and post event. You will always know what we have done and then you do not have to think about it. We will agree with you from the beginning what information you want, when you want it and how.

It’s like a road map and we track the journey at every step so you can rest assured we have it all in hand. We don’t leave things to chance, we plan every step from design, infrastructure to budgets and health and safety. Your project manager will be the crux that holds everything together and drives forward the end goal of an awesome event!

Events worth shouting about are what we do. Whether you want to communicate thanks or engage with me messages nothing does it better than a live event. We will work with you to communicate your message making sure it remains true to your core ethos and brand.

We know how to programme events that appeal to the target audience because we take the time to identify and understand who they are beforehand. That way you get the right results and we are delighted that you get a return on your investment in us. Communication is at the heart of every event we do from pre event marketing, social media campaigns to event apps or websites designed just for you.

Your moment has arrived, your chance to make a lasting impact and wow your audience. We like to think of it like a big jigsaw puzzle, lots of pieces to put in place but once it’s finished you can stand back and enjoy the final picture.

You just sit back, relax and enjoy the moment whilst we seamlessly manage from behind the scenes. Our stage, site and event managers have so many years of experience they will roll up their sleeves and just get on with it.

We love a thank you but we prefer to know you got the results you wanted. We like to sit down with you after each event and find out what worked well, what lessons were learned and of course what your audience enjoyed about the event.

Our team are well versed in devising systems for monitoring projects and we would make sure we have built these in too. We would use such things as data capture, questionnaires or face to face conversations with your guests or visitors and give you the results. Results are what makes the difference and proof is worth having so we can give you this so you can justify doing it again.

Our clients do not see us as suppliers they call us partners because we build lasting relationships based on trust and commitment, take a look at our testimonials to see for yourself. We know you won’t always have an event to run but we will always be by your side when you need us to create an event to remember.


Our clients

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